Hello, I am Gift O.

I am a Tech enthusiast with a flair for interpreting and proffering solutions through digital design. Every of my design is a product of research and thoughtful conversations.

Product Designer & UX researcher

Currently a Product Designer at Global Performance Index (GPI).


developing wireframes, prototypes and visual design outputs across multiple types of projects.

UX Research

Gather valuable insights and understanding of users' behaviors, needs, and pain points.


Champion the users’ needs, solving issues and desired behaviors with the development teams.


Curating Engaging digital content.

  • Prototyping96%
  • Research60%
  • Development60%

My Approach How I work

Steps I take.

  1. Identify

    Recognising the problem

  2. Research

    Researching a solution to the given problem

  3. Ideate

    Coming up with the best possible solutions

  4. Sketch

    Sketch screens on paper and determine the user flow

  5. Design

    Convert my sketches to high fidelity prototype in figma

  6. Analyse

    Peruse through the whole design

  7. Testing

    Get Users to Test the Prototype

  8. Handoff

    Handoff projects to the developers

  9. 15 MAY 2019

    I had graduated from university

  10. 28 Oct 2020

    Successful In Expanding Business World Wide

  11. 15 MAY 2020

    Looking Forward For More Opportunities

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